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I am a professor of Microbiology at Ferris State University and also serve as the General Education Assessment Coordinator for the University. In my limited free time, I enjoy logic puzzles, chess, computer programming, and reading. When outside, I like to take my dog for walks, fishing, and shooting sporting clays.

Assessment with Analytic Rubrics

Grading Using Analytic Rubrics Hi! I’m back again. Last time, I discussed how a holistic rubric can be used to score high-value assignments and provide reliable assessment of program outcomes. Today I would like to look explore analytic rubrics. Unlike … Continue reading

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Assessment Using Holistic Rubrics

Holistic Assessment Hi – I’m back again! The new semester is now well underway and I am beginning to reach cruising speed. Based upon my rather slow writing speed and my teaching load this semester, I think that three posts … Continue reading

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Selected Response (Bloom)

Assessing Critical Thinking Using Selected Response Items Sorry for missing my self-imposed deadline yesterday! I was moving my youngest daughter down to Kendall College of Art and Design and it took much more time and effort than I expected. It … Continue reading

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Selected Response (construction)

Constructing Useful Selected Response Items Today, I would like to briefly introduce some practices that I use to improve the item quality on my multiple-choice assessments. Regardless of format that we use, we must remain mindful of reliability and validity … Continue reading

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Selected Response

Selected Response Assessments Over the next few weeks, I plan to spend some time covering the basics of the different sorts of assessment tools that are available for our courses. Each of these techniques have their own unique strengths and … Continue reading

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Poll 1

How do you assess student learning in your courses? I’m sort of curious; what types of assignments do y’all use in your courses to assess student learning? I plan to discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages of different approaches … Continue reading

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What level(s) are you assessing at? Appropriate leveling is an important consideration when developing learning outcomes and assessment strategies for our courses. I think that we probably all agree that a senior-level capstone biology course ought to require a different … Continue reading

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