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Assessment Using Holistic Rubrics

Holistic Assessment Hi – I’m back again! The new semester is now well underway and I am beginning to reach cruising speed. Based upon my rather slow writing speed and my teaching load this semester, I think that three posts … Continue reading

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Pretest / Posttest Analysis

Pre-test / Post-test Evaluation of Learning One common strategy to measure (assess) student learning in a course is to administer a pre-test / post-test assignment. At or near the beginning of instruction, a pretest is given to the class to … Continue reading

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Exam validity

How can we create valid exams? Yesterday, we briefly introduced two common assessment terms – integrative learning and authentic assessment. Today, I’m going to focus on another common term: validity. We write and give exams in our classes in an … Continue reading

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Authentic assessment

What is meant by “authentic assessment” and “integrative learning”? Wow! Where to start? There is so much to talk about with regard to assessment. I guess I’ll begin by being a bit philosophical. There will be many future opportunities for … Continue reading

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